So you need BRANDING...

your online presence matters. you find yourself wishing your business looked as cohesive as other businesses you come across that have it nailed. you know it's time to narrow down your business' identity but you don't even know where to start.

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Our favorite brands have their branding down to a T. It's time to make sure your personal brand is favorite worthy.

Custom Word Mark Logo. (A text based logo that fits your brand vibe). It will come in a Black, White, and colored version if you would like.

Brand Board (Think mood board that captures the true essence of your brand) This will help you stay on brand when creating content.

Custom Brand Color Palette.

3-4 fonts that fit your unique vibe. Mix and match these when creating content for a professional look.

What's Included in a Branding Package


Package investment: $400

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i need more than just branding